Course Descriptions for 2018

The Iron Tour has distance options of 11, 20, 32, 50, 62, 75, and 100 miles.  There’s something for every type of rider, from a short ride through breathtaking countryside to a century route that visits numerous quaint villages and historical landmarks.  The start and finish location at the Kimberton Fire Company Fairgrounds provides an excellent launch into unspoiled country and a great place to gather afterward for fun and food.   

Cue sheets are made available to preregistered riders during the week before the event.

11 and 20 Mile Rides 

The 11 mile ride is great for families and those reacquainting themselves with their bicycles. The 20 mile distance has some hills.  At the midway point for both rides, you are treated with a rest stop at the Vincent Meeting House just past the charming village of Yellow Springs.  Named “Yellow Springs” by the Native Lenape, this spot is steeped in history.  Because of the healing waters of the tributaries to the Pickering Creek, Yellow Springs was a fashionable spa before and after the Revolutionary War.  The first military hospital in the nation’s history, commissioned by George Washington, was built here.  Learn more about Historic Yellow Springs.  Elevations:  10 mile - 474'; 20 mile - 1085'.

32 Mile Ride 

The 32 mile ride is a great intermediate ride for those wanting to take in more of northern Chester County’s historical scenery.  The route includes two covered bridges and a rest stop at the Vincent Meeting House just past Historic Yellow Springs.
 After pedaling through the quaint village of Birchrunville, you head north to a rest stop at North Coventry Elementary School before rejoining the longer distance rides for the last 10 miles to the finish.  Elevation:  1831'.

50 Mile Ride 

After the rest stop at the Vincent Meeting House just past Yellow Springs, you head west through the territory where many colonial iron forges and furnaces flourished.  If you are up for taking in a little more exceptional scenery with a few more hills, this ride is for you.  There are four rest stops along the way.  Elevation:  2937'.

62 Mile Ride

The 62 mile ride follows the same path as the 75 and 100 mile courses for the first 41 miles.  After the rest stop at Warwick Furnace Farm, you head north through parts of French Creek State Park to the rest stop at Hopewell Furnace National Historic Site -- a preserved Iron Plantation. This ride offers the perfect combination of picturesque pastures, woods, hills, and valleys.  Elevation:  3699'.


75 and 100 Mile Rides

These rides start off to the east, as far as the edge of Valley Forge National Park, and then to the Vincent Meeting House (Yellow Springs) and Warwick Furnace Farm rest stops.  (Please note that the first rest stop at the church is 24 miles out from the start of the ride.)  From Warwick Furnace Farm, both courses head south, the 75 mile course for an additional 18 mile loop to Hopewell Furnace National Historic Site.  The century ride adds an excursion that skirts the Pennsylvania Dutch Country with a rest stop at Hibernia County Park, the site of an early iron forge which later became the prosperous Hibernia Iron Works.   You may pass a horse and buggy along the way!  From Hibernia, the course goes north to Hopewell Furnace before you return to Kimberton for the post-ride celebration.   Elevations:  75 mile - 4161'; 100 mile - 5665'.  

Note: To ensure adequate ride support, 62, 75, and 100 mile riders may be directed to shorter distances if they reach specific rest stops late in the day. 


Refer to the FAQ page or contact French & Pickering Creeks Conservation Trust at 610-933-7734 or by email 

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